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New software must be submitted with the following:


  • Two sets of software including all video, sound, printer, touchscreen, and bill validator software.
  • Copies of all percentage calculations, reel strip listings, paytables, etc.
  • A copy of the payglass for all submitted games.
  • Complete source code – must include a link map and binary image files.
  • Complete emulation instructions including NV memory locations for pay combinations, RNG, RNG seed, and all accounting meters.
  • Complete instructions on how to change all the values in the above NV memory locations.
  • A random number generator test program or proof of a previously approved RNG.
  • All operations manuals.
  • A letter requesting the approval of the software noting which jurisdictions the software is to be tested for.

 Some of the listed items may not be necessary. Please click here to download the most current PDF which includes the required items.