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 Software Quality Assurance & Testing Practice


Our Software Quality Assurance & Testing Practice meets the demands of today's rapid software development lifecycle methods through innovative test automation, a full suite of quality assurance testing services, security testing and source code review services. GLI provides reliable and repeatable processes and technologies to deliver high-quality outcomes, enabling customers to realize a higher and quicker return on software investments with a fully protected IP in our ISO 9001:2008 compliant test facilities.

Our end-to-end high quality outcome based Quality Assurance Testing process is aligned with your strategic and operational goals to provide maximum value. Our testing process will reduce your overall risk by identifying end-user software issues early in the software development lifecycle. This allows you to make corrections and adjustments before issues are released into the field, saving time and money over the course of the development project.

What we can offer to optimize your value proposition:

  • Optimize cost and reduce the burden on internal resources by leveraging GLI's 25 years of experience, professionals and leading practices.
  • Transfer the risk of maintaining adequately experienced and skilled staffing levels to GLI, reducing internal training costs.
  • Leverage GLI's resource capacity to provide scalable testing.
  • Test across multiple time zones through GLI's global network, increasing your speed to market.
  • Increase quality of releases through GLI relationships with the vendor market.
  • Host your test environments in GLI's Data Centre, leveraging our systems experience.


GLI provides all of your software testing and quality assurance needs including:

Business Process Testing-Based Test Automation Framework that helps you develop more robust, dynamic test cases and automated solutions. Automation tool experience includes HP ALM, HP UFT, Business Process Testing (BPT) Selenium, WinRunner, AutomatedQA TestComplete, and Silk Test.

Our functional testing methodology is based on industry best practices and is easily adaptable and continually refined to meet our client needs. Our ISTQB-certified testing experts apply a variety of test tools and methods to support today's development processes covering System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Business Process/End to End Testing and User Acceptance Testing.

We deploy testing techniques and methods such as early involvement of testing teams in the SDLC, requirements testability reviews and risk-based testing. We have strong domain expertise across industry verticals and leverage these competencies to help jump-start testing initiatives, reducing testing time for our customers. As part of our end-to-end functional testing solution, we cover Mobile, Compatibility & Interoperability as well Data Warehouse BI testing.

We bring years of experience in Load and Performance testing to applications and architectures ranging from corporate enterprise systems, e-commerce systems and websites to massive grid computing environments. We provide expertise and experience with LoadRunner, Silk Performer and other leading L&P tools. Like our test methodology for functional testing, we involve our performance testers early in the SDLC to ensure adherence to performance requirements.


The cyber security landscape is fundamentally altered by the introduction of the integrated, social, mobile, analytics, and the cloud, where knowledge workers access volumes of sensitive data from anywhere and at any time. If this increasing use of virtualization, mobility and social media is not managed efficiently, the security risk profile of a company may be
increased significantly, resulting in a negative impact to information assets and ultimately the bottom-line.

As organizations evolve into smart work forces, the goal of Cyber Security Testing is to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability of the data resources. There are also a plethora of laws, regulations, and standards that need to be addressed, which makes the security landscape more intricate than ever. GLI addresses this complexity effectively by employing a holistic methodology – leveraging people, process, and technology to support behavioral modeling, network base-lining and profiling, and detection of abnormal activity. Our goal is to protect your business by identifying security issues while proactively providing solutions to correct vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Our security experts identify software vulnerabilities and uncover unforeseen situations that could cause access penetration and data corruption. GLI provides network risk assessments to validate your system's security through assessing the network security architecture, security policy, and performing system vulnerability assessment and penetration testing through the following service offering:

  • Security Policy and Process Assessment
  • Network Security Architecture Testing
  • Systems and Device Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Network Testing
  • Static and Dynamic Application Testing
  • Security Source Code Assessment


We provide a step-by-step inspection as well as automated analysis of software to locate errors or unexpected conditions. Our review covers conformance to standards, modularity, commenting and maintainability. We also perform security analysis of the source code using automated tools to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. We execute automated scanning of application source code using commercial static secure analysis tools, combined with manual analysis to identify data entry points, perform data flow analysis, trace user controllable data from entry points, and search the code base for known gaps and software vulnerabilities.