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Test and Analysis Algorithm Development


Development of New Testing Methodologies


Discovery and Elimination of Cheating Techniques


Math Analysis (MA)

A math analysis can be used for either math models intended for electronic gaming devices or for non-electronic table games. The analysis checks the odds and paybacks associated with games.


Precertification Testing (PC)

When a manufacturer’s product is in the R&D phase, they can submit for PC testing, prior to a formal submission. The PC test checks for functionality and conformity.


Prototype Testing (PA)

When a new platform is introduced, it is tested in two parts: First for product operation, then for functionality relating to existing gaming standards.


GLI strives to ensure the internal activities of our companies reflect a global commitment to lawful conduct, good business ethics, transparency and quality. GLI and its staff does not and will not engage in the production, design or marketing of any goods or services of any submitted or requested item upon which it performs testing, inspection or certification services.