NMi Gaming is now GLI

We’re excited to share the news with you that NMi is now GLI.

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Andrew Rosewarne - Director

Andrew Rosewarne

It has been nearly a year now since GLI acquired NMi Gaming and the time has come for us to look to the future and adopt the GLI brand. Over the last year, we are glad to say we have been able to offer our customers continuation of the service to which they have become accustomed, and consistency in terms of working methods and personnel.

The NMi team, more than 80 strong, located in the UK, Spain, Malta and Canada, bring a wealth of experience to the GLI group, particularly in the areas of UK Category B machines and iGaming, and we are glad to be contributing to the combined knowledge of the group.

GLI’s newest offices, in the UK and Canada, will continue to operate under the same management offering the same experience, and maintaining our ethos of efficient testing and auditing, and great customer service.

"Our experience with GLI over the last year has been overwhelmingly positive. Working with partners and colleagues who understand and are committed to gaming, on both a business and technology level, has been immensely rewarding."

Rick Edwards - Director

Dr. Rich Edwards

It has been a year since the acquisition and the majority of our customers have seen no impact or change in terms of personnel they are dealing with, whether from operations or account management. It has essentially been business as usual. Having fresh eyes looking at our businesses has brought benefits to both companies and we are already seeing improved processes and finding efficiencies while maintaining the highest quality.

Since the acquisition, we have seen the benefits from greater jurisdictional reach, increased access to regulators, and additional services that exist within the GLI group.

"The cooperation with GLI staff has been exceptional. Finding like-minded people who want success for our customers and the company has been a pleasure."

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