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Get inspired and get the insider’s perspective in Illuminating Conversations, GLI’s new web-based interview series. Hosted by GLI President/CEO James Maida, this series features one-on-one, in-depth conversations with some of the gaming industry’s most recognized and most accomplished thought leaders who offer unique perspectives on their work, their vision, and themselves.

Tune in and gain a greater awareness of the challenges, opportunities, and emerging innovations impacting the gaming industry. You will also hear perspectives on leadership, what inspires these leaders, and their hopes for the future.

EPISODE #9 – James Maida w/ Cassie Stratford

“Raise your hand to get the opportunity to do the work you find interesting, even if you feel like you know nothing about it. That’s the only way you learn.”

In an inspiring new episode of Illuminating Conversations, Global Gaming Women’s new president Cassie Stratford joins GLI GEO James Maida for an enlightening discussion about diversity and women in the industry; mentorship and volunteerism; and how lessons learned as a new lawyer guide her approach to business and life.

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