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Constant Learning, Constant Change


At GLI, we understand that in the gaming industry, the only constant is change. That’s why we created GLI University® to help regulators keep as up-to-date as possible in new technologies. We also help new regulators understand the testing process, and how accurate, thorough testing benefits their jurisdictions and ensures the integrity of gaming for everyone.


At GLI, the difference is our people, and the same is true for our GLI University training staff, comprised of experts in their field who, in addition to their roles at GLI and in GLI University, are some of the most sought-after speakers on the global gaming speaking circuit.


GLI University also stages annual Roundtables and conducts regulator seminars and regional trainings tailored to individual clients' needs.


GLI University has a permanent campus in the Las Vegas laboratory, where trainings are conducted throughout the year on a wide range of topics including Math 101, Slots 101, Forensics Basics, and more. GLI University also hosts regular courses at the company’s New Jersey and Colorado labs. Or if you prefer, we can stage a training event at your facility. To watch the latest GLI University webinar, click here.