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Gaming devices and systems are comprised of various electronics, and sometimes mechanical failures can occur, just like with any piece of engineering. That’s why accurate, precise forensics are so valuable – they protect the operator, regulator and the player. Our forensic services are valuable tools for our regulatory clients in diagnosing the cause of a gaming device malfunction and resolving patron disputes. Here’s how the process works:


  1. GLI’s Forensic Evaluation Service is a detailed, objective examination of the gaming machine and/or critical components for the purpose of determining the exact cause of an abnormal incident and/or to settle a player dispute.


  2. The forensic examination process starts with a thorough, documented inspection of all gaming devices submitted for evidence of tampering, damage or any other abnormalities. In this examination our engineers perform a detailed review of the gaming device memory as well as a detailed source code analysis to check for possible program corruption.


  3. After this first inspection, an analysis of all pertinent game and system logs is then done to develop an exact understanding of the malfunction and to determine the underlying cause of the problem. Last, our engineers attempt to recreate the exact incident in a controlled environment, while taking every reasonable precaution to preserve the integrity of all items submitted in the exact state they were received.


  4. Upon completion of the Forensic Evaluation, a detailed report is prepared that provides a description of all testing performed, accompanied by the test results and a closing report summarizing the incident and cause of the problem when applicable.