Karen Sierra Hughes

Karen Sierra Hughes

Director, Latin America and Caribbean Government Relations and Business Development

Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (GLI®)

Mrs. Karen Marcela Sierra-Hughes is currently the Director of Latin America and Caribbean Government Relations and Business Development at Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (GLI®). Prior to joining GLI, Mrs. Sierra-Hughes practiced Law in the Republic of Panama with one of the most prestigious law firms and was later appointed as the Legal Director of the Panama Gaming Regulatory and the Panama Gaming Control Board.

She has been with GLI since 2004, developing new gaming jurisdictions throughout Latin America and the Caribbean while driving GLI’s strategy for both regulatory and supplier development. With her Law Degree and Masters Degree in Commercial and Public Law from the Latin America University of Science and Technology, one of Mrs. Sierra-Hughes’s main goals is to help the regions’ government agencies understand the importance of a well-regulated environment by providing valuable information that will lead to developed laws, decrees and regulations.

Mrs. Sierra-Hughes is fully responsible for developing all relationships with the gaming regulators in the region. She analyzes the gaming environment in each jurisdiction throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in order to determine the regulatory development opportunities as well as promote the regulatory training in the technical aspects of the gaming industry. She has created and built a successful partnership with GLI South America in Argentina and NYCE in Mexico.

Mrs. Sierra-Hughes is well known as a speaker in many of the International Gaming Conferences in the countries of Puerto Rico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina as well as at G2E in the United States.

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